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Hang out. Eat. Ample parking.

Cost: your food and beverages

Looking to get a bike? Want membership info? Want to get involved with DOB or to just hang out with some queer babes?

DOBATL was originally established to provide a safe space for same-sex attracted women to participate in motorcycling and community events.

Women have often been the marginalized, silenced or an invisible part of the LGBTQ community, and it’s important that we have a space where we can be loud and proud.

Over the years our community has changed, and some of our members have changed how they identify as well. Younger LBTQ+ people in the community have more opportunities and support to explore their identity, which means simply identifying as a woman may not cover their gender experiences.

We continue to welcome any member of the LBTQ+ community who identifies as a woman, who is non-binary, or genderqueer (an identity which does not fit the male or female binary) and has a history of being assigned female and who is also attracted to the same; this includes those persons whose orientation and gender self-identification or expression is other than man/men and are motorcycle, scooter, and moped enthusiasts; including our straight allies.

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